About the Course

There are two days in our life which are important for us. First the day we are born and second the day we come to know that why we are born?

“The world is very competitive” this is the most common phrase which is heard by every individual in our daily life. So, despite of knowing our interest we start moving in the fields which are commonly taken by everyone. And we start ignoring our interest, because we fear to take risk. And thus we spend our life purposeless. At Potential we are thinking in different way. Why become an engineer, if we can become better bureaucrats. Why go for doctor, if we can become a better lawyer. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Abraham Lincoln, Sachin Tendulkar why these people achieved something which we can’t even dream of. All of them are from different professional fields. So what they have in common? Thing that is common for them is that all of them did what they wanted to do. In other words all of them chose the profession of their interest.

So, before going in this competitive world, it’s recommended to identify our strength. One’s the strength of an individual is known, he can compete in any type of environment. So along with our Pre-Foundation courses we are introducing many more things, because this is the real time for the students to know their caliber and their field of interest.


  • Board syllabus will be covered simultaneously.
  • The course are designed from basic to advance level and thus bridge the gap for competitive examination like IIT-JEE and AIPMT.
  • We are the first institute to introduce social science subject in Pre- Foundation classes, so that not only in science field we will prepare our students ready for any field which they want to take after matriculation.
  • Motivational seminars and workshops will be conducted to help the students in identifying their potential and choosing the field of their interest.A new subject “ General Proficiency” will be introduced, to improve the critical thinking, and reasoning of the student.
  • Effective study material and daily practice sheets will be provided to students by expert team of potential.
  • We will be there for students always to clear their doubts.