2 Years Pre-Medical Coaching Course

The syllabus of entrance exams is the syllabus of class 11th and class 12th. This makes class 11th the best time for all the students who aspire for clearing pre-medical entrance exams as a career to start their preparations.

This program covers each topic extensively with tests & discussions at regular intervals. This is easy paced program designed to build the academic excellence of the students gradually and makes them equipped with innovative techniques & methods to crack the problems thereby improving their problem solving ability. This program takes care of the basic concepts in a better way. The course gives you a chance to start early and take a lead over others. The highly competitive, tension free and stimulating atmosphere of the institute small batches and one-to-one in interaction with the best faculty, every small doubt is cleared. We train you to quickly think analytically, we give you a systematic approach to problem solving – a must for AIIMS/NEET and Medical entrance exams.

Competition in pre-medical entrance exams is not as much as in engineering entrance exams but it is on a constant rise. Out of 2,75,742 registered candidates for AIPMT 2012, 2,57,960 candidates appeared in the preliminary stage examination. Only 30,788 Candidates have qualified for appearing in the final stage examination that was held on May 13, 2012 (Sunday). So the Two Year Course is designed as an intensive course for students studying in Class 11th.

The course is divided into two academic sessions:

In both sessions students are grilled through regular topic tests and tests on pre-medical entrances patterns.

Academic session Ist: This session builds on the Class 11th curriculum, followed by a quick revision module of the important concepts to create a lasting memory. This is completed by the end of January and the students are then let off for their class 11th final exams

Academic Session IInd: This session lays equal emphasis on class 12th board exams and AIIMS/NEET. Towards the end of session important concepts from class 11th are revisited.

Course Foundation
TargetAIIMS/NEET 2019
ClassXI  Studying/X Passed
Course NameFoundation(2 year course)
EligibilityClass X appeared/Passed
Course availabilityAt all study centre
Commencement of Batch1st BATCH: April,2017
2nd BATCH: May,2017

3rd BATCH: June, 2017Course EndsAcademic session Ist: This session will cover class 11th portion and will be finished in last week of January.
Academic session IInd: This session will start from April Ist week and will cover class 12th portions and will be finished in last week of September.Admission ProcessDirect Admission/ Scholarship Test

Course Content:
• Classes 4 days in a week(3 lecture for each subject)
• Each lecture is of 90 minutes duration which is further divided into Daily Practice Problem discussion, theoretical and conceptual learning.
• Periodic topic wise tests are conducted once a month apart from full length mock tests towards the end of each session.
• Study material in all subjects will be given to the students in the beginning of each session.

Distinctive Features:
• Systematic completion of whole syllabus of AIIMS/NEET in two years
• Coverage of board syllabus integrated in the course to help you score throughout in your school in session 2.
• Conduction of All India Test Series.
• A special revision test series to further revise and strengthen the class 11th syllabus taught earlier.
• The Test Series comes out helpful in maintaining level of AIIMS/NEET preparation even after completion of Course.

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